De executie van Marquez

Nieuwe publicatie SEOC voorzitter Nizaar Makdoembaks - maart 2016 - ENGLISH

De nieuwe publicatie van SEOC voorzitter Makdoembaks gaat over de executie van de vader van de Curaçaose Diana Marquez. Een Nederlandse militair schoot deze werkman van de Lago op Aruba dood om een discussie te beslechten. Terwijl het gezin niet eens wist waar vader begraven werd kreeg de militair vier maanden, om daarna zijn militaire carrière ongestoord te kunnen vervolgen, onder meer in Suriname.

Dochter Diana Marquez machtigde de SEOC om het onderzoek te doen naar dit drama, opdat dit boek geschreven kon worden.








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New publication SEOC chairman Nizaar Makdoembaks - march 2016

The new publication by SEOC chairman Makdoembaks treats the execution of the father of Curacao born Diana Marquez. A Dutch marine shot this LAGO workman on Aruba to end a discussion once and for all. While the family wasn't even informed about the burial site of their husband and father, the marine was sentenced to four months in prison, after which he was allowed to continue his career in the military as if nothing had happened. The book contains the entire original court-martial file on the case, as well as extensive research on social and political context that was the reality on Curacao in 1940. In addition a selection of Diana Marquez' poetry has been added to the text. All combined an image rises of islands trying to break away from colonial entanglements but stuck in the mud of unresolved past - slavery, racism, repressive social structures that for ever favour the oppressor, the colonist. The heart of these islands can be found in the arrested development of Diana Marquez who, in all her attempts to break free from or literally flee her birthplace, was ultimately confronted by her own unresolved past. It was then that she started to take up the fight for freedom and equality on the Dutch Antilles - that fight was all she had left of the father she had never been allowed to know, love and learn from.

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